Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fulfilling Foyer

I "repinned" this DIY project on pinterest about a month ago, glancing at it every time I had the opportunity.  It'd been a hot minute since we'd done any improving to our house, so this morning we meticulously took note of some measurements and made moves to the nearest Home Depot.
Here's the before & after of our "Board and Batten" foyer! Despite the fact that just about every piece of wood was warped, the tags on the wood were mismarked (throwing all of our tedious measurements off by half a flippin' inch) and the minor matter of this being our first time ever doing something like this, I'd say we successfully killed it!  There's some slight caulking/painting that still needs to be done, but we're in love and can't stop walking by to peek at our new accomplishment.

Feline Foray

Sir Milton?

DIY Determined #13

I discovered this genius solution below and had to give it a go, what a simple way to store all your unsightly bobby pins!  I attached magnetic tape with some gorilla glue to the inside bottom of my medicine cabinet and let it dry overnight.  It's hidden, convenient and only cost me two dollars and some change! #helloamazing

picture via pinterest.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Carderock Credits

Haunting Headboard

Here's another headboard that's igniting my desire to try and create one of my own.  I've never had a headboard on my bed before and now that we have the perfect wall to do so, it's time to make some moves.  Inevitably baited into a full blown search for salvaged wood, I hope to produce a similar headboard in the very near future, wish me luck!

Beneficial Bench

Effective advertising, I'm motivated.  Let's go!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blatches Boots

I've posted a picture below of my current shoe status...

Superbowl Snacks

Superbowl XLVI is two days away, are your menus set?  Since I've been on the hunt for recipes this week, I saved several fun ideas I saw, so I thought I'd share my favorites, maybe they'll help solidify your Sunday Spread.

Deli Stadium?  #impressive

Who's gonna take the W?
I just busted out my Giants jersey;)