Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April's Favored Nail Hue

My dangerous new discovery of Essie polishes at CVS has me sew psyched, hence my choice of sage nail color for the month. ($8)  Every time I'm supposed to pick up just a few things, they've conveniently restocked the display and I find another color to become obsessed with.  Seriously, I have the next four months of favorite hues already lined up, so stay tuned.

Favored hues of the past:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day


Lash Stash Check In #5

 The Stash totally let me down last week so I promise to deliver better news this time around!  With only half of my choices left, this is becoming increasingly difficult to decide each time.  Apprehensive due to the brush/applicator (I hate plastic bristles) I chose a paraben-free, lash volumizing mascara by Bare Escentuals called, Buxom. ($18)  People...no joke, this is by far thee BEST mascara I've ever used.  There's absolutely NO clumping at all, the more you use the longer/better your lashes get.  Taking it off was simple, a few wipes and it literally disintegrated.  I've already been back to Sephora and purchased the full size in blackest black, Sally has buxom lashes and so should you.

This mascara gets an A+++, stick around as there's 5 left to try!

Lash Stash Check In #4

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ComPLEATly Captivated


DIY Newspaper Mani

1. Polish your nails a very light color
and let dry completely (very important)
 2. You will need scissors, a newspaper
and a small bowl of rubbing alcohol
3. Soak a finger in alcohol, let drip dry and place the newspaper down firmly onto nail without smudging.  Let dry and follow up with clear coat!

L O V E.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oxon Hill Maryland

I'm a wee bit late on this, but better late than never.  My husband took me to the National Harbor last weekend and we now have a favorite new getaway to look forward to over long weekends.
I can't wait to go back when the weather is warmer. 
We stayed at the Westin right on the water, the room was really nice and bathroom was a definite stunner with an amazing glass shower and separate potty room.  We had a bev and caught some of the NBA Finals at the hotel bar.
 We slept like total babies (no cat or dog to wake us!)
 We can't wait to go back to Ketchup, not only was our meal great but the Roy Lichtenstein inspired decor had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.  The asparagus fries were bomb-diggity especially with their signature five flavors of ketchup.
 After dinner we took a nice stroll and found Cake Love.  Let's just say that I won't be visiting them again.  I got a strawberry iced chocolate cupcake and it was vile.  The icing was more like hard wax and the cake portion was borderline stale.  My other half enjoyed a peanut butter flavored cupcake that tasted a heck of a lot better than mine.  FAIL.
Roy and I both had our eyes on this canvas duffel bag displayed inside the Fossil shop in the bottom of our hotel.  We walked in to see how much it was and got caught up talking to the knowledgeable gentlemen that worked there.  I never in a million years thought/knew that Kors and Michelle watches are MADE BY FOSSIL!  While meandering around the store I found they had a slew of rose gold accessories, I couldn't leave the above there.  It's a perfect match to my watch and I just love it.
Thank you again for our little vacay V!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Timberlake's Contenders

Both have phenomenal hair and I want.
Tomorrow I will have.  Thank you in advance, MJ!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Project Doorstep

Since we're still renters, there isn't anything too permanent we can do to this house de$ign wi$e. Our doorstep was the epitome of blah until today. With the help of some red spray paint, a new doormat and a fun plant, our front door has literally stepped up it's game.  Don't forget to wipe your paws, sucka!