Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

It's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
I'm so stoked about my getup for my work costume contest today, after deciding not to follow through with my Angry Bird idea, I came up with a brilliant alternative. I'll report back this afternoon with pictures! Fingers crossed that I place, Halloween is taken very seriously at the office and the prizes are ridiculously generous!
Have a HAPPY HALLOW, be safe. -SaLLY

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bauble Bobbing

I was at CVS for two things (not even beauty related) and of course I had to mosey down the polish aisle to see what was good. I was shocked to find the brand new yummy blue color I'd been on the hunt for (Bobbing for Baubles) so I snatched the bottle right up and also grabbed a gold glitter polish too. I don't know what's going on lately, but Sally's feeling a little sparkly! 

Swag Sauce

Still haven't found out why J.Cole is in the video (while Kanye & Andre 3000 are on the radio), but either way this is my favorite jam out right now, you hear it once and it's stuck on the brain for days.

Haute Healing

Painted Pumpkins

Two days to go, did you carve or paint?

Captain Gangster

AND our troops are coming home for Christmas.  I can't stand when people talk politics, however this couldn't be more governmentally accurate.

October Flakes

Typing the title of this post just made me grin THEE biggest grin.  I'm literally smiling from ear to ear at the sight of those two words side by side, my two favorite seasons are networking and I'm going to love every minute of it. We actually weren't expecting any flurries until later on tonight, so this was a nice surprise to wake up to. The last time it snowed in October was in 1925, how wild is that? Time to bust out a hoodie and some firewood baby!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Unpunctual Update

I knowwwww, I'm not keeping up with my blog at all, my hands have been more than full for the past two weeks. That being said, I've got numerous projects on the horizon that I can't wait to share, keep checking back!  In the meantime, here's a gander of what's been going on in the life of 6FootSally:

We finally decided on a backsplash, it should be ready for pickup tomorrow!  Our kitchen has been the number one money gobbler since we moved in, not only is it expensive and time consuming, BUT it's finally starting to show some progress!  We're hoping to finish the cabinets and wrap up the kitchen makeover this weekend.
I was determined to finish painting the family room last weekend, I'm glad I conquered that mission because I'm SO in love with the outcome.  I found a paint color by Valspar (BRUSHED SUEDE in Gneiss Gray) but had the hardest time locating a Lowe's that had it in stock.  The $45 a gallon paint series is apparently really hard to come by and very pricey.  I made the drive out to Fredneck last Sunday, as this was the closest store that had it in stock.  Once there, the friendly employee helped me concoct a paint color that saved us half of what we were expecting to spend.  He matched the paint swatch perfectly and showed me some sand to add to achieve the textured look I was going for.  I took a close up so you too can see the goodness!
 I also hung our first pic in the family room, remember our Sn'eadification?
 My allergy test (which was thankfully a breeze) turned up absolutely nothing, how frustrating!  I was tested for food on the left, environmental on the right,  and numerous respiratory issues, but nothing showed up.  I apparently have the lungs of a swimmer!  All this confirms is there is definitely something I'm inhaling in my soon-to-be-salon that is jacking up my breathing, hence my recent takeover of Roy's mancave.  Muahahaaa.
I've been searching high & low for a rug that's just right for our foyer.  I found this awesome black & white chevron rug at Overstock ("it's all about the gold") that's going to look impeccable once it arrives and the shipping only cost me a buck, total score!
I was itching for some yummy new white bath towels, so while I was at Kohl's the other day, I stopped through their bath section.  Let me just tell you how amazing Simply Vera Bath Towels are!  They're ridiculously soft and never shrank when washed, damn I heart Kohl's.
My pillow collection is currently fresh-to-death, but I need more!  We're buying a white sectional, so I need lots of textures and patterns to gussy it up.
I never thought this day would come, it's finally here!
The weathermen are calling for snow tomorrow, YAYYYYY
Have a great weekend!  -Sally

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooky Sweets

Three Georgetown Cupcake Halloween dozens were delivered to the office this morning, aren't they bootiful?  They taste pretty dang good too ;)  Have you pre-ordered your copy of Cupcake Diaries yet?  November 8th is right around the corner, I can't wait to get mine!

Bang Bombardment

 All of the sudden everyone wants bangs again, as a stylist this truly excites me.  I love the way a good set of bangs look with a messy ponytail, you just can't go wrong.  Zooey Deschanel and Mandana Dayani (Rachel Zoe) have the two most requested bang styles as of late.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Superbass Sobbing

I'm sure by now you've seen the video below, I couldn't believe it as I watched, that little girl REALLY can chirp!  She of course, made it onto the Ellen show and, well...just watch.

Jack O'Lantern Jugs

This is such a simple and budget friendly way to jazz up a walkway or porch for Halloween.
Once you've jacked up each jug, cut a hole on the backside, jam some Christmas lights (the icicles work best) in each one and voila!
2 weeks to go...what's everyone dressing up as this year?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Barbie Gets Inked

 Well it's about time!

Sunny Downpoor

It was quite odd, and not one rainbow!

Muddy Metamorphosis

 Here's an idea of what our backyard looked like when we moved in.  The non consistent grass was not only unappealing, but we noticed immediately how dirty the dogs paws were every time we let him back inside.  We knew that something had to be done.
How cute is my Japanese maple though?!?
Sorry for the bad shot, it was beyond sunny last weekend and I snapped this with my iPad because my camera battery had died.  ProBlack weed barrier was used to cover the entire "grass" area as it allows water to get through, but not the weeds.
33 bags of pea gravel and nearly 2,000LBS later, our backyard was starting to transform, we're very happy with the results and can't wait to stain that cement patio.  Thank you, Roy & Kevin for all your hard work, it really looks great.  Their backs had to have been sore the next morning.  Skittles please!

Bornday Biennials

 I received a handful of new plants on my birthday this year, I'm so excited!  My new kitchen is the perfect place for them, it gets an abundance of natural light.  Mom got me the yummy smelling hanging basket of flowers and my sister got me three of the coolest plants ever.  Not only do plants purify the air you're breathing, they also lift your mood.
Much like shoes, you can never have too many.
As always, keep it green!

Friday Fancy

Happy Friday! -Sally

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Birthday

That's riiiiight, Happy Birthday ME! So my car broke down on me last week, plus I've been battling an allergic reaction since last Wednesday night and I was not about to let either ruin my birthday weekend.  I've been whoring benadryl all day everyday until I can get back to the doctor and see an allergist.  Not being able to breath is some scary shit, especially since it's the first time this has ever happened.

Not only was the weather glorious this entire weekend, I got to have din-din at the new Cava in Clarendon, we've started a huge project in our kitchen that I can't wait to share, we broke fast last night in Mom's festive sukkah (damn that whitefish was good), I gave someone a fantastic haircut with the most awesomest bangs ever (of course, now I want some), I had brunch today at my favorite spot in Potomac with a dozen of my closest friends and fam, I finally confronted that crock POTato soup recipe I posted a few weeks ago (damn good), we finished our first backyard project (I'll post pics this week), a handful of friends and family stopped through to see our new spot and watch football, AND I scored some kickass gifts to top all that off.  Thank you all so much, I had such a fantastic birthday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Spectacular Spray

My husband keeps impressing me with his sporadic bathroom improvements, last night he sprayed the oh-so-dated cabinets in his bathroom down with an espresso brown paint and the difference is astounding.

Fascinating Faucet

Alas.  We finally have a functioning kitchen sink, faucet and dishwasher!  You never realize how often you really do rely on all these things, its amazing how much we take for granted until we don't have it.
When I ordered this faucet I saw in the description that it had colored LED lights, naturally that excited me.  After the 10 day delivery wait (I'm still shocked, Amazon's shipping is normally very quick) our middle-school master-craftsmen friend was able to install our new sink and faucet.  One last gasket was needed to complete this install, so off to Lowe's we went, not knowing what was awaiting when we returned:
The lights turn on automatically and change with the temperature of the water, this is SICK!
I'm so in love with my new faucet, the ginormous pile of dishes on the floor disappeared almost instantly.  Standby, our backsplash is going up this weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Restroom Roundup

I've been slacking majorly on posts, but I have some exciting news.  We've finally wrapped up our painting mission in the upstairs bathrooms and can now focus on our non-functioning kitchen which is currently in shambles.

I'll start with my hubby's bathroom since I'm so proud of his paint color choice, looks like someone's been following my blog ;)  He went with GREIGE by Valspar, we both used this brand as the primer is mixed right in, very helpful and saved us an annoying step.  He copped his sweet shower curtain from CB2, and we found the frame for Mr. Smalls (thank you much, Brody) at Michael's. Good job V, I love it!
Mine is next up to bat!  I'm much more content with the color than I was last week.  I went with CHAMBRAY by Valspar and with the help of my hubbs, we finished up Sunday night.
 I'm absolutely loving the fluorescent frame wall collage I've started.  Skeleton keys are a favorite of mine and will be the ongoing theme in my bathroom.

I found the rug at Urban Outfitters and found my steal of a shower curtain on Amazon for $22!  I bought it months ago as the ones I've been seeing as of late are $75 and up.  Go me.
 Since we bought a foreclosure, the last owners took anything and everything possible they
could from the house, understandably so.
 One of the first things I had to buy was a showerhead, I LOVE my new rainshower replacement.
 Here's the last little bathroom job I banged out.  The basement bathroom came equipped with no mirror and I just so happened to have...
 an awesome option that I got on clearance years ago from Pier1.  It fits perfectly!
Next mission is the kitchen, stay tuned.