Saturday, December 25, 2010


If you know Roy and I, you know that we're both sneakerheads at heart. If you follow any of my posts on, you know that I follow a fellow sneakerhead named Tyree Dillihay, dubbed R E E.  He's the author/artist of the comic for sneakerheads, SN'EADS.  (Sneaker + heads)  A few months ago I saw G-ROC (he's a blogger for become what I now know to be "SN'EADIFIED".  I immediately sent out the email and within a few weeks, our Sn'eadification was underway.

Here's what I sent him:

There were about fifty emails sent back & forth over the span of a few months, I've literally never met this guy in person.  I'm still in utter awe over this, it truly looks like Roy!  Here's the freakishly stunning final product:

Want to be SN’EADIFIED?
Contact R E E here for more information:

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