Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dapper Dress Forms

I literally harassed myself for years looking for a dress form until three years ago when my Mom's Craigslist addiction (that I've now inherited) paid off.  She totally scored!  Not one, but two of them, the woman selling them insisted that they sold as a pair.  End result: One for me and one for Charm!  I always imagined "dressing it up" but could never decide how.  Mine's been sitting in my garage for just about two years now and coming across these pictures is absolutely enticing me to bring it back inside.  I smell another DIY project on the horizon!


  1. nice...

    thanks for inspiration about dressform..

    and where the place followers..??

    because i want to follow you....


  2. Love the idea of this...I'm a craiglist addict too