Friday, April 22, 2011

Lash Stash Check In #5

 The Stash totally let me down last week so I promise to deliver better news this time around!  With only half of my choices left, this is becoming increasingly difficult to decide each time.  Apprehensive due to the brush/applicator (I hate plastic bristles) I chose a paraben-free, lash volumizing mascara by Bare Escentuals called, Buxom. ($18) joke, this is by far thee BEST mascara I've ever used.  There's absolutely NO clumping at all, the more you use the longer/better your lashes get.  Taking it off was simple, a few wipes and it literally disintegrated.  I've already been back to Sephora and purchased the full size in blackest black, Sally has buxom lashes and so should you.

This mascara gets an A+++, stick around as there's 5 left to try!

Lash Stash Check In #4

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