Thursday, June 16, 2011


To feather or not to feather?  I'm about to be brutally honest, I hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings.  This whole hair feather trend definitely CAN NOT be pulled off by everyone.  (Leigh, you've got this on lock!)
Actually, the only person I've seen to date that's getting away with it is Steven Tyler.
I prefer a feathered headband or a tasteful pin (it's gotta be placed in just the right spot though) rather then some random extension(s) that look painfully obvious they aren't growing out of your head.
I found some great contenders on Etsy.
Here's a perfect example of a complete feather fail.  Seriously, is there a bird in there?
This would look way better incorporated into a ponytail.
Another nacho-cheesy NO NO.  She should have just gone with some feather earrings and called it a day.  So yes to all the feather's, only IF they're sported correctly.

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