Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

For the last 5 years or so, we've made an annual tradition of piling into Mr. Yellow and riding the Whites Ferry over to the Leesburg Outlets for some good ol' Black Friday retail therapy. (If we happen to work off a few calories from both eating extravaganza's the day before, that'd be just amaze.)

For some reason I was abnormally pumped for this years trip, maybe I subconsciously knew that some great deals were about to come my way.  After 20 minutes of parking lot sniping, we got a prime spot right up front.  The boys made their premier stop in Polo while I headed straight for Nike.  Good move Sally.  Little did I know that I'd be scratching this pair of kicks off my Sneaker Bucket List.  Score! Hello Nike Air Diamond Turf (Deion Sanders) for $40 bucks:

I immediately swiped my size off the shelf then headed for the toddler section.  There were so many people I decided to detour down an empty aisle where I actually ran into a guy that I work with, we share the same birthday and must of had the same idea. Random!  After plenty of debating I came up with these Auto Trainers for my godson:

I was so hyped to see Converse added to the lineup of stores. Seriously, everything in every store was at least 20% off, if not more.  After stopping in True Religion and Joe's jeans and trying on both over-priced labels, I've decided that they both unattractively smush the hell out of my booty.  (7's for life!)  Next stop: Diesel, where I was introduced to my new Sherlock Holmes inspired overcoat and perfect black leather clutch.  I score huge every time I go in that store, dangerous but I love it.  Now, off to meet back up with the fellas!  We hit up Barney's and a few other stores and called it a day.  By this time we had all worked up some mighty appetites for leftovers.  Back to the ferry we go! Thanks Leesburg, see you in 365.

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