Sunday, May 15, 2011

DIY Determined #7

I FINALLY got this project finished and I'm psyched about the results!  I can't wait to wear over a fun dress!
Follow my simple steps below to make your very own.
Here's what you'll need:  Scissors, old jean jacket, rubber bands, bleach and about an hour of time
First step:  Cut those sleeves right off the jacket, the sloppier the better (once you wash, it fringes up)
Second step: Wrap rubber bands as tight as possible around random sections, the more the merrier!
Third step:  In a safe place (I chose the kitchen sink) pour bleach into a throw away container
Fourth step: Carefully dip the rubber banded sections into the bleach.
Saturate the area, let it absorb and repeat a few times.
Step five: Just like with hair, heat will help speed up the time, so I let this sit outside to hurry the process 
20 minutes and it's already changing!
Final steps:  After achieving the lightness desired, wash immediately in hot water with bleach & detergent and you're finished!  Dry, wear and ENJOY!  -Sally

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