Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HomeGoods Happy

HomeGoods is one of my all time favorite places to buy house decor. There's a magnificent abundance of treasures for every solitary inch of your place.  It's hard not to go crazy and buy everything in the store, however this time I was on my best behavior.
Here's what I found:
There were dozens of these and to my major benefit,
they only had the letter L.  Sold!
This is probably my best find yet, any basketball fanatic will understand why.  It's burlap (which is part of my plan for our new family room) and at 16 bucks, I was not leaving the store without it.
Recycled magazine box for $10, it's perfect for hiding clutter. I found the perfect frame that was used for a recent DIY project, and bought something purple and fun for someone's approaching birthday!

See? I didn't go nuts but I did get some great finds.
It'll be so much easier to shop for our house once we're actually living in it.

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