Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nautical Notion

Friday night's impulse came. out. amazing.  
I've had this idea in my noggin for awhile, (sorry there Pinterest, I own this one!) when we bought our house I noticed the coordinates in our paperwork a few times and thought it would be kinda cool to somehow incorporate them into our new home.
Months have passed and still no fun ideas had brewed.  I absolutely made note of the more modern nautical trend that's currently happening, I'm so in love with the rope (you should see the lamps at Pottery Barn) and knots I keep seeing everywhere.  While in Lowe's the other night I passed a bunch of rope and THAT's when it came to me, I still can't believe I tied those knots myself!  All in all I spent $15 and my project is glorious, it looks perfect in our family room!  Go ahead, copy on, you know you wanna.

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