Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bourgeois Barbie

One of my long time childhood passions has to be my Barbie's, thanks to Mom, I still have every solitary doll, shoe and outfit being stored in a trunk in her basement.  I can remember her always saying how she wished she had saved all her dolls for me, so we made sure to hang on to mine.  Yesterday when I got home I found this catalog in my mailbox and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was happening in the world of Mattel's best-selling doll, circa 2011.  What you are seeing isn't a joke, you can straight up buy Louboutin's for Barbie, red heel and all!

This generation has no clue how good they have it. You can now choose from different jean styles as well, my god, what I would have done for these options as a little girl.  I seriously can't get over how trendy Barbie is nowadays.  I spy a few dolls with one straight arm and one bent arm, are they making Barbie's arms bendable now?  Go ahead.

With fringe being a gigantic trend,  this $150 Christian Louboutin made doll comes as no surprise. I'm literally dumbfounded by this catalogue.  Barbie even gets a shoebox with a dustbag for every beloved pair!  I'm jealous of a doll, phiffffff!

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