Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sally's DIY Valentine's Wreath

I've had an inventive itch as of late, here's one of my favorite creations to date.  It cost me around 10 bucks to jazz up this wreath I already had from Christmas, I'm shocked it's still alive & running!  I'd actually hit up Michaels for some picture frame action when I passed a Valentine display on the way in, let's just say I was more than inspired to make this wreath.
These 3 items were under two bucks each..
2 more items that cost under two bucks &
I already had the glue gun!
To start do a quick snippity snip of the bow,
then glue the conversation hearts
on sporadically all over,
next fill in the empty spots with the different clip-on hearts & stick-on hearts,
smother a handful of random branches with glitter glue and...
Happy Heart Day Bitches!

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