Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful Birthday

That's riiiiight, Happy Birthday ME! So my car broke down on me last week, plus I've been battling an allergic reaction since last Wednesday night and I was not about to let either ruin my birthday weekend.  I've been whoring benadryl all day everyday until I can get back to the doctor and see an allergist.  Not being able to breath is some scary shit, especially since it's the first time this has ever happened.

Not only was the weather glorious this entire weekend, I got to have din-din at the new Cava in Clarendon, we've started a huge project in our kitchen that I can't wait to share, we broke fast last night in Mom's festive sukkah (damn that whitefish was good), I gave someone a fantastic haircut with the most awesomest bangs ever (of course, now I want some), I had brunch today at my favorite spot in Potomac with a dozen of my closest friends and fam, I finally confronted that crock POTato soup recipe I posted a few weeks ago (damn good), we finished our first backyard project (I'll post pics this week), a handful of friends and family stopped through to see our new spot and watch football, AND I scored some kickass gifts to top all that off.  Thank you all so much, I had such a fantastic birthday!

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