Friday, October 28, 2011

Unpunctual Update

I knowwwww, I'm not keeping up with my blog at all, my hands have been more than full for the past two weeks. That being said, I've got numerous projects on the horizon that I can't wait to share, keep checking back!  In the meantime, here's a gander of what's been going on in the life of 6FootSally:

We finally decided on a backsplash, it should be ready for pickup tomorrow!  Our kitchen has been the number one money gobbler since we moved in, not only is it expensive and time consuming, BUT it's finally starting to show some progress!  We're hoping to finish the cabinets and wrap up the kitchen makeover this weekend.
I was determined to finish painting the family room last weekend, I'm glad I conquered that mission because I'm SO in love with the outcome.  I found a paint color by Valspar (BRUSHED SUEDE in Gneiss Gray) but had the hardest time locating a Lowe's that had it in stock.  The $45 a gallon paint series is apparently really hard to come by and very pricey.  I made the drive out to Fredneck last Sunday, as this was the closest store that had it in stock.  Once there, the friendly employee helped me concoct a paint color that saved us half of what we were expecting to spend.  He matched the paint swatch perfectly and showed me some sand to add to achieve the textured look I was going for.  I took a close up so you too can see the goodness!
 I also hung our first pic in the family room, remember our Sn'eadification?
 My allergy test (which was thankfully a breeze) turned up absolutely nothing, how frustrating!  I was tested for food on the left, environmental on the right,  and numerous respiratory issues, but nothing showed up.  I apparently have the lungs of a swimmer!  All this confirms is there is definitely something I'm inhaling in my soon-to-be-salon that is jacking up my breathing, hence my recent takeover of Roy's mancave.  Muahahaaa.
I've been searching high & low for a rug that's just right for our foyer.  I found this awesome black & white chevron rug at Overstock ("it's all about the gold") that's going to look impeccable once it arrives and the shipping only cost me a buck, total score!
I was itching for some yummy new white bath towels, so while I was at Kohl's the other day, I stopped through their bath section.  Let me just tell you how amazing Simply Vera Bath Towels are!  They're ridiculously soft and never shrank when washed, damn I heart Kohl's.
My pillow collection is currently fresh-to-death, but I need more!  We're buying a white sectional, so I need lots of textures and patterns to gussy it up.
I never thought this day would come, it's finally here!
The weathermen are calling for snow tomorrow, YAYYYYY
Have a great weekend!  -Sally

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