Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Restroom Roundup

I've been slacking majorly on posts, but I have some exciting news.  We've finally wrapped up our painting mission in the upstairs bathrooms and can now focus on our non-functioning kitchen which is currently in shambles.

I'll start with my hubby's bathroom since I'm so proud of his paint color choice, looks like someone's been following my blog ;)  He went with GREIGE by Valspar, we both used this brand as the primer is mixed right in, very helpful and saved us an annoying step.  He copped his sweet shower curtain from CB2, and we found the frame for Mr. Smalls (thank you much, Brody) at Michael's. Good job V, I love it!
Mine is next up to bat!  I'm much more content with the color than I was last week.  I went with CHAMBRAY by Valspar and with the help of my hubbs, we finished up Sunday night.
 I'm absolutely loving the fluorescent frame wall collage I've started.  Skeleton keys are a favorite of mine and will be the ongoing theme in my bathroom.

I found the rug at Urban Outfitters and found my steal of a shower curtain on Amazon for $22!  I bought it months ago as the ones I've been seeing as of late are $75 and up.  Go me.
 Since we bought a foreclosure, the last owners took anything and everything possible they
could from the house, understandably so.
 One of the first things I had to buy was a showerhead, I LOVE my new rainshower replacement.
 Here's the last little bathroom job I banged out.  The basement bathroom came equipped with no mirror and I just so happened to have...
 an awesome option that I got on clearance years ago from Pier1.  It fits perfectly!
Next mission is the kitchen, stay tuned.

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