Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Internet Imitation

I saw this shot last month while browsing the interwebs and immediately noted the jacket on this chic.  Instantly obsessed, I frantically headed to my collection of still-not-unpacked-from-moving boxes.  I knew that somewhere amongst them, I undoubtedly had one of these unaltered jackets in my possession.  Now, let's get this party started.
I bought this jacket at an army/navy store many yesteryear's ago, I've worn it a few times and found that the bulky arms and boxy fit was more than unflattering, so it got shoved to the back of my closet and forgotten about on numerous occasions.  Until now!
My first move was to remove the seam from the hem of the jacket,  I love the way an unfinished hem looks once it's been washed.  I found that a steak knife worked best for this step.  I then chopped off the sleeves and tossed it into the wash.  Make sure you use the heavy duty setting on your machine, so all the hems fray up nicely.  Honestly that's it,  less than fifteen minutes and I must admit, I'm really sad it's already over!  Here's my finished replica:

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