Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmukkah Collision

It made me SO happy that Chanukkah fell on Christmas this year, I loved seeing all the decorations mixed in together!
This time of year is my husbands fav, he gets so giddy and is literally still singing Christmas Carols. That being said, when I packed up every last piece of holiday decor  yesterday, he was a little depressed when he got home from work. I thought I'd post some pics from our big soiree, he can now deck the halls anytime he wants. 3.
I searched for weeks to find the perfect table centerpiece, you can always count on the home section (normally upstairs) at Kohls, this turned out to be 50% off. It was originally $29.99, so with my coupon and credit card discount, it was under $10, such a score!
Is that a beer bottle or is Swan flipping Sally the bird?!?  I'm so darn proud of my table setup.
Sally's favorite ornament:)
My favorite candle holders, thanks Ma!  Recognize the surface they're sitting on?
A peek at our yummy new kitchen, remember our backsplash quandary? And the faucet? And my breadbox!
I told you I'd be trying this, it totally jazzed up our backyard. I actually left the kitchen blinds open some nights just to see them!
Yummmmm. I spy a Brinley Gold Rum Cake!!
And our Charlie Brown Poinsettia, LOL
Our twelve person feast was deeeeericious.
The FAKE fireplace...
And the REAL fireplace!
Time to put it all away, now where do I begin?
Some self-timer action, I barely made it in!
Best. Christmukkah. Yet.

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