Monday, March 14, 2011

After Work Delight

This picture has been hanging on my inspiration board for 2 years now. My hubby will be late again (still counting those darn MSA's) so, when I get off work I'm heading straight to my favorite store, Home Depot. I can't get enough of this lime green workspace and I refuse to continue staring at it every time I sit down at my desk. Ladies and gentleman, I'm about to get my spray on.
Check this table. (and the dead plant, ouch.)  I bought it six years ago from HomeGoods on clearance, peep the tag below that I literally just cut off tonight. (great deal, right?) I actually didn't realize it was still attached until I was taking those dangling thingamajigs off.  Boy was that fun.  I spy a future DIY on that blah table!
It served it's purpose for six years,
now it's time for a makeover :)
Can you tell where I'm going with this?
I want to wait overnight for it to dry completely,
but here she is.
Roy says the "jingle-jangles" should have stayed off,
I say it's Magnifique!

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