Monday, March 28, 2011

Satisfying Sunday

Last week I was not feeling up to par, so on Sunday when I awoke (and finally felt human again) I decided to make my lazy Sunday not so lazy.  I hadn't cooked anything all week so I threw two corned beefs in the oven for dinner.  (That's right, this girl can cook her butt off too) I knew I had about four hours to kill while that cooked so, off to ikea, Home Depot and Micheal's I went!
Here's what I found at ikea:
 My new pillow (loving) and navy sweater throw look amazing in my orange infested office!
 I can't ever leave ikea without stocking up on bamboo. (Come on, they were $1.50 each)
 Still shocked by the abundance of great stank these tiny tea lights give off.
(36 for $2.99 is almost too good to be true)
I was finally able to replace my Elephant foot tree ($9.99),  my last one lived for three years!
I love these plants, the leaves (once longer) totally remind me of hair. 
 After deciding against it and actually putting this Roy Lichtensteinish picture back, I was persuaded (it really didn't take much) to make the purchase and I'm so glad I did. Thank you Swan!
 I've had my eye on this since the catalog got delivered around New Years!  If this piece were any taller it wouldn't have cleared the top of my desk, so excited it wasn't because it's the perfect fit.  After transferring all my goodies into it, I now have an old set of drawers for all my crafts.
Hello organized :)
Enter, HappyCozy.
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Have a great week -Sally

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